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Physical Travel Solutions

Travel culture has evolved to a point where many spend their lives ‘in the air’. Increasingly there is a need for authoritative voices to help guide the health challenges people face while being ‘air warriors’.

I am Yvonne Strydom and I am one of those voices

– Travel Physiotherapist and Travel/Health Lecturer –

Physical Travel Solutions is a package of information addressing the specific concerns of frequent travellers before, during and after travel, which can benefit their physical, emotional and ultimately even mental wellbeing.

Travelling is an intensive experience, taking us out of our usual ways of doing things and requiring us to adapt to a pressurised and constantly changing environment. There are many reasons that we do not feel ‘ourselves’ on the days we travel, but many of these factors are controllable, or at least, understandable.

Beyond the day of travel itself, there are consequences of the travel week affecting our physiology, hydration, mucous membranes, skin, respiratory system, circulatory & cardiovascular systems, digestive tract, bowel function, musculoskeletal system, endocrine system and even our immune system.

Physical Travel Solutions helps frequent travellers adapt to these factors, and spend our time away feeling the best version of ourselves.

Choosing luggage for different purposes, and making informed choices on handles, straps, weight and dimensions. Baggage handling and identifying situations that create ‘pinch points’, such as different vehicles, overhead lockers, luggage carousels and over difficult surfaces.

Understanding the common and uncommon causes of DVT, plus strategies for prevention.

Managing the dreaded upsets to digestions and bowels, including what’s good advice and what’s not good advice.

Helping you settling into your hotel room faster and make it ‘home’, which has important consequences for both you and your subconscious.

How to appropriately manage activity and exercise during travel.

Planning for vaccinations & follow ups.

Minimising the consequences of long term travel, chronic pain / dysfunction, systemic and immune problems.

Helping corporations manage the long term health of frequent traveller business executives (‘the corporate athlete’).

What I Offer

Travel Wellness Education & Speaking Engagements

  • Private, small group and corporate education, individually tailored to the needs of the frequent traveller/s
  • Public speaking and conferences

Traveller’s Treatments

  • Individually tailored regimen to suit the busy traveller who can only attend intermittently
  • May include hands-on Treatment & Consultation  (see below)
  • Remote consultation a possibility after initial Clinic visits

Hands-on Treatment & Consultation (

  • A traditional hands-on approach to treatment, including American and European manual, visceral and osteopathic techniques
  • Advice on behavioural and lifestyle changes
  • Expert Travel advice for Men and Women, Newborn through to Elderly

Suite 2, 60 King Street, Woody Point, Queensland 4019 Australia

Telephone 07 3283 3721 / +61 3283 3721 (international)